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[icon] Queer Young People in MS
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Subject:new lj group
Time:03:32 am
ive created a special new lj group for transgendered people, both mtf and ftm. its meant to trade resources and details to help in the transition process.
no trashyness allowed.

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Subject:St. Paddy's Day Parade
Time:09:01 pm
Current Mood:hopefulhopeful
Is anyone interested in getting a float together for the Hal & Mal's St. Paddy's Day parade? Here's more information about the parade theme and registration.

The theme is Where Were You in '82 (or was it '83)? I thought we could have a lot of fun with that since most of us were infants or children then. :)

Let me know soon, so we can register!
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Subject:cafe press
Time:02:42 pm
so i made some buttons and tees!

we are going to try to sell some at OUTober fest too.
check this out.....

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Time:11:07 am
i was telling a friend about QYAN and he told me about this. im really hoping to do it . does anyone else want to?
i need some names and such by friday thanks


Here is the website that displays the information www.gracehousecares.com
> Below is the press release and I'll try and bring you some pledge forms next Friday because I'll be off next week or I'll give you a call one night or afternoon next week and see if you want to go have lunch and just meet you and give them to you then.
> Organizers for the Walk of Grace are gearing up for their second annual
> event, which is scheduled to be held in downtown Jackson on October 14,
> 2006, to raise money for Grace House, an HIV/AIDS transitional living
> facility located in Jackson, MS.
> "Grace House is striving to become a community resource for the entire
> HIV/AIDS community and focus on prevention efforts for the entire metro
> Jackson area. We hope this walk will allow us to expand our services as
> well as supplement general operational costs at our facility," said Trey
> Mangum, executive director of Grace House.
> The 3-mile walk begins at Smith Park and will wind through downtown
> Jackson giving participants a scenic look at some of the town's most
> prominent sites and historical buildings, such as the Capitol and the
> Farish Street Entertainment District. Each participant is asked to raise
> funds through pledges.
> "An HIV/AIDS walk of this scope is something the area has needed for a
> long time and we're glad to make this a reality," Mangum said. "HIV/AIDS
> education still needs to be at the forefront of everyone's minds and
> this is a prevalent, chronic illness that is still viewed with stigma
> and discrimination."
> In addition, the walk will serve as a memorial to those we've lost to
> HIV/AIDS and support those who currently live with the virus.
> Participants will be given an opportunity to write initials, names or
> other identifying information on red and white balloons to carry with
> them via ribbons on the route. We are also focusing on HIV/AIDS
> education and prevention and subsequently will offer free rapid
> (30-minute) HIV antibodies testing.
> Walkers who raise $75 for the cause through pledges and those who
> participate in free HIV testing will receive a Walk of Grace t-shirt.
> Teams are strongly encouraged to participate. The walk ends at Smith
> Park, where food and drink will be provided by local businesses.
> Registration begins at 8 a.m., with the walk beginning at 9 a.m. on
> Saturday, October 14, 2006. The overall event will wrap up around noon.
> Entertainment will be provided. Log on to www.gracehousecares.com
> <<http://www.gracehousecares.com>> after September 1, 2006, to download
> a pledge sheet or obtain more information.
> Thanks so much for your interest in this.....we are trying to make this walk bigger and better than it was last year.
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Time:07:55 pm

as ive already said everywhere the first meeting is sept.9th. 
 i found a place to hold it! the library in ridgeland! here are the directions from cups (next to chanes)




Maneuvers Distance  Maps 
1: Start out going NORTH on OLD CANTON RD toward LAKELAND DR. <0.1 miles Map
2: Turn RIGHT onto LAKELAND DR. 0.8 miles Map
3: Turn LEFT onto FRONTAGE RD. <0.1 miles Map
4: Merge onto I-55 N via the ramp on the LEFT toward GRENADA. 4.3 miles Map
5: Take the COUNTY LINE RD exit- EXIT 103- toward RIDGELAND / TOUGALOO COLLEGE. 0.2 miles Map
6: Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto FRONTAGE RD. 0.1 miles Map
7: Turn RIGHT onto E FRONTAGE RD. <0.1 miles Map
8: Turn LEFT to stay on E FRONTAGE RD. 0.2 miles Map
9: E FRONTAGE RD becomes US-51. 1.3 miles Map
10: End at 397 Highway 51
Ridgeland, MS 39157-3429, US
Total Est. Time: 11 minutes     Total Est. Distance: 7.32 miles

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Subject:new qyan flyer
Time:08:58 pm
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Subject:meeting info.
Time:07:10 pm
hey guys  we know its been a while but we starting to get rolling agian. 
the next meeting is sept.9th. 
details soon. 
if you have a myspace and you havent joined please join our new myspace group at  


invite your friends! family! whoever you think would enjoy do something to better the state or themselves. we hope to see you at the meeting. 

i will have the meeting details up by friday .

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Subject:heads up
Time:10:24 pm
get your day planner and pen ready.

qyan is coming back.

details soon...
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Subject:party well maybe
Time:05:33 pm
okay rae and i were thinking about having a big barbq and grown up 'kids' party. we want to buy a inlfatable slide with a slip and slide in it. if we had the barbq and a huge outdoor party would you come? would you be willing to donate $6 bucks to eat and have a hell of a time? those slides are like $250 so its better we ask than assume. sounds like fun to us though :) let me know:)
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Time:10:46 pm
from unityms' myspace message...

Hosted By: Unity Mississippi
When: Friday Apr 14, 2006
at 9:00 PM
Where: Hal & Mal's
200 Commerce Street
Jackson, MS 39206
Description: Incredible live tour featuring Eric Himan and Levi Kreis touring through Mississippi on the KnockOUT tour. If you missed Eric during OUToberfest now is the time to see him!

$10 at the door / 18+

i've seen eric perform live and i've been a fan of his music for some time now--i can't tell you how good it is. if you want a preview of the sound, check out his myspace page (http://www.myspace.com/erichiman). levi also has a page up with some tracks available (http://www.myspace.com/levikreis).

well worth the cover!

(x-posted to letters_to_jxn)
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[icon] Queer Young People in MS
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You're looking at the latest 10 entries.
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